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About us


WordFactory is a lean company which organizes a huge array of highly skilled professionals. The company is fully independent and is run by the owners. It was established in 1989 and its enduring business model has ensured the delivery of quality through knowledge and efficiency ever since.

For fast direct communication and decision making, each project is assigned a project manager who handles all aspects of the job. He or she is responsible for team assignment, budget control, production and quality. Moreover, as the customer's only contact person, the project manager can prevent miscommunications and stay abreast of the customer's needs.

For each project, the best solutions are selected: whether to process the work in house, which people or partner companies to deploy from our large base of professional resources, what terminology to build, which tools to use, how to use the tools, etc.

For translations into Dutch we always work with professional native speakers. For translations into other languages we call upon the services of our partners in the appropriate country. Only in this way, we can guarantee the perfect style, quality and cultural awareness we and our customers require in a modern translation world where starting dates constantly shift, production times get shorter all the time, workloads vary wildly and subject matters get more complex each day.

We currently offer translations from and into the following languages:
Dutch, British English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Flemish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Russian, Polish and Hungarian.

How to contact WordFactory

Do not hesitate to contact Nelleke Dees or Marcel Brugmans if you are interested in our services.
We will gladly offer you our experienced advice and services.

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Tel: +31 30 2720520

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